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Thank you Keene State University

“The performance was amazing, your poems really made me think of people’s lives around me and the different struggles that others face. The poems were emotional and really touched me. Some even gave me the chills which only happens when I hear something I really like. The show was an impacting experience” ~ Kaitlyn Chestna, Keene State University, New Hampshire

“The poem you did with guitarist on women and the issues they face with weight brought me to tears” ~Keene State University

Conference Showcase SE

“The two poems you did were absolutely powerful & necessary to be heard”

“I had no idea the power you were going to bring when the poem started. I was speechless, great job”

Conference Showcase NE


“Such an amazing man, everyone loved seeing him”

“One of the most amazing people I met this weekend. The power in his word”

New Poem “Pink Pajamas”

broken doll



Pink Pajamas

There were nights our kisses
Left my stomach
like a slug in salt
Pensive but delayed
Like the final seconds
Of a first date
Doorstep decisions
syncing arms around back
so definitively her past
would disappear in a flash
this hug would be
the Neuralyzer in MEN IN BLACK
Stare, Click, Erase
You are now….safe

If only touch wasn’t a threat
A code red
If goosebumps weren’t virgins
To positive sensory reflex
skin rejects all visitors
I asked if you ever felt butterflies
You told me only caterpillars
Live here
And fear….but you never confirmed it
To brave to own it
I rebuked it while you slept
watched you twitched like death chairs
turning on the electric switch
Your heart was dug into a ditch
All I wanted to do was shovel
there are places no amount
of muscle can penetrate

Spreading your bangs
Like curtains to a face
More comfortable in dimmer setting
There is a sob in your hips
When you dive into water
Even when you swam
I knew parts of you had already sunk

I never asked why you wore boxers
Tank tops over your bras
Went into drawers to grab socks
For bed
Feet dangling off the mattress
Why you preferred to sleep on top
of sheets ,not vice versa
Never knew women to have phobias
Of lips below the waist
Selfish reflections
Questions surface if efforts
Were wasted

I prayed in shower stalls
Tempting my inner claustrophobic
As practice that faith will
Calm the shake,
you pretend are chills
when lips embrace
I know I’m not that good of
a kisser

There was an invisible barrier
That hovered over belly button
A Benjamin button of passage
The more insistence in offering comfort
The more resistance I confronted
I never knew
If you were more afraid of spiders
Or fingers crawling
Watching movies
With volumes blasting
Like fire truck sirens
Safe in chaotic noise
Secure in tight proximity
So much that ribcages
Were splintered into skin
Sins you carried not of you own
Barricading itself
Calling you home

Pace would quicken
If i mistakenly referred
To you and princess
Thrones could make you vomit
Disney was not permitted
If you were a government facility
I would be most trusted employee
Still only granted minimal accessibility

There was a fragility in hugs
Noticeably awkward
So on the fly i would devise
Complex handshakes
For days when the sky matched
Your mood
Its frightening to love so hard
With someone so brittle
That the range of a whistle
Could lead to collapse

I wanted to rescue you
Build you up
Back to the girl in pink pajamas
Who thought dolls weren’t demons
Slay them like I was Buffy
Constantine ,Van Helsing
Or any movie badass
That destroyed evil

Soon I had to breathe
My diaphragm was in danger
Oxygen as scarce
As I love you said
not scared
without a itchy throat
a cough
or choke
Repair not ready
can’t fix someone
with tools they only hold

©Frankie A. Soto
All Rights Reserved

Featuring for NEW YORK TIMES & Latino Network

I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to hear you speak and witness your powerful message. Frankie you are a force!

Nathalie Nieves, NEW YORK TIMES

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Thank you “Queens Book Festival” for endorsement


Feature at NYC Biggest Poetry Festival

Absolutely honored to have been asked to feature at NYC Biggest Annual Poetry Festival. Thousands in attendance, so being able to feature was a thrill. Thank you.

“Forgive the bite that doesn’t kill you”


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